Drum Major Tryouts

Review the requirements for drum major tryouts here


The six candidates are Lucas Adams, Emma Brooks, Grace Gusoff, Nathan Kangas, Krystin Nelligan, and Abbie Van Noord. Watch all videos, then submit your input on Google Classroom May 11-12.

Lucas Adams, Trumpet, 12 grade in Fall 2020

Lucas Adams: Star Spangled Banner
Lucas addresses the band

Emma Brooks, Trombone, 12th grade in Fall 2020

Emma Brooks: Star Spangled Banner & Address

Grace Gusoff, Trombone, 12th Grade in Fall 2020

Grace Gusoff: Star Spangled Banner & Address

Nathan Kangas, Clarinet, 12th grade in Fall 2020

Nathan Kangas: Star Spangled Banner
Nathan address the band

Krystin Nelligan, French Horn, 12th grade in Fall 2020

Krystin Nelligan: Star Spangled Banner & Address

Abbie Van Noord, Flute, 12 grade in Fall 2020

Abbie Van Noord: Star Spangled Banner & Address